Live Webcam Colima Volcano, Mexico

Live webcam shows Colima volcano in Mexico in real time.


Colima volcano (Spanish: Volcan de Colima) is the most active volcano in Mexico and throughout North America, since 1576 it has erupted more than 40 times. Colima is considered the most dangerous volcano in Mexico, including because a lot of settlements with more than 300 thousand people situated a radius of 50 km from it. The volcano is located in the state of Jalisco in Western Mexico, 80 km east of the Pacific coast and 165 km south of the state capital Guadalajara. Colima volcano consists of two conical peaks: Nevado de Colima, also known as Tzapotépetl, with a height of 4625 m, and an active volcano Colima with a height of 3846 m. Residents of the country ​​often compare Colima volcano with Vesuvius, as it is the most active volcano in Mexico.