Live Webcam Zocalo Square, Mexico City

Live webcam shows Zocalo Square in the center Mexico City.


The Zocalo Square (Spanish: Plaza del Zocalo), or also Constitution Square (Spanish: Plaza de la Constitucion) is the main square of Mexico City, the capital city of Mexico. It is the largest square in Latin America and one of the largest squares in all the world. The Zocalo Square has a rectangular shape and built up with buildings in the Baroque style. Many attractions are located on the Zocalo Square, such as the National Palace to the east, the Federal District buildings to the south, the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral to the north, the Old Portal de Mercaderes to the west, as well as the Nacional Monte de Piedad building at the north-west corner. The square is located in the historic center of Mexico City, on the places where the Palace of Montezuma II in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan was seated. The Zocalo Square is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico City with a lot of restaurants, cafes, shops, shopping centers, and hotels nearby. The Palace of the Marquis del Apartado is located within walking short distance to the north of the Zocalo Square, build between 1795 and 1805 over one of the pyramids of the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan.