Live Webcam Bonita Beach, Las Terrenas

Live webcam shows the Bonita Beach in Las Terrenas, the Dominican Republic.

Picture from Bonita beach online camera in , Dominican Republic

The Bonita Beach (Spanish: Playa La Bonita) is a beautiful sandy beach located in the resort town of Las Terrenas on the northern coast of the Samana Peninsula on the northeast coast of the islands of Haiti. The name of the beach from Spanish translates as “Beautiful Beach”, it is decorated with a large number of coconut trees. The beach is located in a crescent-shaped bay with fine golden sand and 1.5 km long. Along all the Bonita Beach are many hotels, villas and restaurants where you can taste local delicacies and refreshing cocktails. The eastern part of the Bonita Beach is very popular with surfers and windsurfers due to strong winds and high waves. This live webcam is located at the Carolina Surf School in the eastern part of the beach, where you can get training and rent all the necessary equipment.