Live Webcam Santa Maria Beach, Sal Island

The overview live webcam shows the Santa Maria Beach on the south coast of the Sal Island, Cape Verde.


The Santa Maria Beach is gougers sandy beach located in the city of Santa Maria in the south of Sal Island in Cape Verde, 20 km south of the island’s capital, Eshpargos. It’s one of the most popular beaches on Sal Island, stretching from the city center of Santa Maria to the southernmost point of the island, Ponta do Sino. The beach with fine golden sand has length about 2 km and width reaches 150 m. The Santa Maria Beach has a sun loungers, umbrellas, and more for a great beach holiday, along the entire beach there are a lot of restaurants, cafes and hotels. The pier Santa Maria overs stunning view of the beach and Atlantic ocean. The island’s music festival Festival da Praia de Santa Maria attract tourists here from all over the world every year. Cape Verde is an island country located on the same name archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, 600 km from the coast of Africa. Cape Verde is very popular with tourists from Europe, they are attracted by the beautiful nature and magnificent beaches. Difference water sports are very popular on Sal Island, such as diving and snorkeling thanks to great coral reefs. In the Santa Maria town is one of the five largest world centers surfing and windsurfing.