Live Webcam Parliament Building, Quebec

Live webcam shows the Parliament Building of Quebec in the heart of Quebec City, Canada.


The Parliament Building of Quebec (French: Hotel du Parlement du Quebec) is an eight-story building in Quebec City that is location the National Assembly of the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec
. The building is located in the central part of Quebec City, 950 meters from the The Citadelle of Quebec. It was built in 1886 by architect Eugene-Etienne Tache in a Second Empire architectural style (or Napoleon III style) and it is the only building in North America built in this style. Its height together with the tower is 52 meters, and its facade is decorated with sculptures of outstanding personalities of Canada. On January 21, 1948 the Quebec flag was raised over the building for the first time instead of the British flag, which was the beginning of the country’s independence from the British Empire. The Parliament Gardens and Fontaine de Tourny, was open on July 3, 2007 to celebrate Quebec’s 400th anniversary in 2008, are located on the square in front of the Parliament Building.