Live Webcam Black Sea Beach, Albena, Bulgaria

Live webcam shows the Black Sea beach in Albena resort in Bulgaria.

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lbena is the climatic resort on Black Sea coast, it is located in 8 kilometers to the south of Balchik and in 30 kilometers to the north of Varna. The resort is founded in 1969 in a beautiful bay of the Black Sea in the north of Bulgaria, the sandy beach 3,5 kilometers long and 150 meters wide extends along all resort. The swimming season begins in May and comes to an end in October, the peak of a tourist season in Albena lasts from the middle of June and until the end of August. In the resort 43 hotels is are constructed along the coast and on the neighboring hills, and also near the natural reserve «Baltata». Except hotels in Albena is many restaurants of the European and Bulgarian cuisine. Albena is a private resort complex in Bulgaria.