Live Webcam Nieuwpoort Marina, Belgium

Live webcam shows the VYNieuwpoort Marina in Belgium.


Nieuwpoort is a port town and seaside resort in Belgium, located on the North Sea coast in the province of West Flanders, 44 km southwest of the city of Bruges and 120 km west of Brussels. Nieuwport was founded in 1163 by Philip of Flanders. The historic city center is located 3 km from the coast, while the resort part of the city with restaurants, bars, and magnificent sandy beaches stretches along the coast of the North Sea. Nieuwpoort has an area of 31 km², and a population more than 11,400. This live webcam shows the VYNieuwpoort Marina , located at the mouth of the river Iser in the historical center of Nieuwpoort. It is the ideal location for your trips to or from the Netherlands, France or England.