Live Webcam Lys River, Kortrijk, Belgium

Live webcam shows the Lys River in the city of Kortrijk, Belgium.


Kortrijk is a small town in the province of West Flanders in Belgium, located at the banks of the Lys River and the Kortrijk–Bossuit Canal near the French border, about 80 km west of Brussels. The city has an area is 80.02 km², and a population about 77,741. Kortrijk has an oceanic climate with warm and partly cloudy the summers and long, very cold, windy, and mostly cloudy the winters. Due nearest the English Channel and the Atlantic Oceanб temperatures here are almost never below 0°C during the year. The most precipitation observed in the period from May to September. The main sights of Kortrijk include The Broel Towers, The Church of Our Lady, the Church of St Martin, the Broel Museum (Broelmuseum) and the Church of Sint Rochus. Kortrijk is also known for its numerous restaurants and cafes where you can try various traditional Belgian dishes.