Live Webcam Haus des Meeres, Vienna, Austria

Live webcam shows the Haus des Meeres public aquarium in the city of Vienna, Austria.


Aquarium Haus des Meeres is the largest aquarium in Austria, located in the area of Mariahilfer city of Vienna – the capital of the country. The aquarium is located in an old 11-storey building 50 meters high, in a shape resembling a wide tower. The building was built during World War II as part of the city’s air defense. After the end of the war it ceased its previous function and in 1956 was transferred to the public aquarium Haus des Meeres. Since then, the aquarium has been actively developed and at the moment its area is more than 5 thousand m2. It is home to more than 1,100 species of animals, birds and fish, including rare, exotic and listed in the red book.

Here you can not only see representatives of the animal world, but also learn about the history of the construction of this building and its work during the World War II. On the upper 11th floor of the tower is a viewing platform from which you can see a stunning panoramic view of almost the whole of Vienna from a height. In the aquarium «House of the Sea» you can see piranha, sharks, turtles and many others, as well as rare sea creatures such as sea horses, clown fish, triggers, butterfly fish, spinrodors, and others. There is an aquarium with a volume of 300 thousand liters, and thanks to special notches at the bottom of the aquariums, visitors can watch their inhabitants as close as possible.

In the Haus des Meeres there are many entertainment and exciting activities available. For example, you can feed piranhas and sharks, swim in an aquarium with sharks in special equipment, visit various excursions and entertainment for children and adults. There are several restaurants and cafés overlooking the aquariums and the capital of Austria where guests can relax and enjoy a meal.