Live Webcam Kufstein Panorama, Austria

Live webcam shows the panorama of Kufstein town in Austria.


Kufstein is a town and administrative center of Kufstein District in Tyrol state in Austria, located on the banks of the Inn River nearly the border with Germany. It’s has an area of 39.3 km², and has a population about 18,000 inhabitants. Kufstein is a popular holiday destination for Austrians and Germans, as well as large of the industrial center of Austria. In the town produce Kneissl sports equipment, Voere hunting equipment and luxury Riedel glasses. The main sights of the town are: Kufstein Fortress (XIII-XVI centuries), Rathaus Kufstein on the main square Unterer Stadtplatz, Kufsteinerland, Mariastein, Kaiserlift Kufstein, Historischer Rundwanderweg Kufstein and others. The live webcam shows a panorama of the central part of the town and you can see Church St Vitus.