Live Webcam Moana Beach, Adelaide

Live webcam shows the Moana Beach in the city of Adelaide from Moana SLSC & DUKE'S cafe.


Moana Beach is a long sandy beach stretching along the coast of Gulf Saint Vincent in Moana, a coastal suburb in the south of Adelaide, South Australia. The beach is located 35 km south of Adelaide city center and has fine white sand, its length is more than 3 km, and width reaches 70 m. Moana Sands Conservation Park is situated near the beach, it was established in 1985 to preserve “significant Aboriginal cultural heritage site”. You can get here from Adelaide by public transport, for example, by buses 741, 745, 747, 749 and 750. Also, Moana Beach is one of the few beaches in Australia by which you can legally drive by car. The webcam is installed in the Moana SLSC & DUKE’S cafe, located right on Moana Beach. Its members regularly patrol the beach in the summer months for saving people. In Moana SLSC & DUKE’S cafe you can order a variety of meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and light snacks.