Live Webcam Juan Domingo Peron Bridge, Villa Maria

Live webcam shows Juan Domingo Peron Bridge in Villa Maria, Argentina

The camera doesn't work :'(

Villa Maria is a city and the administrative center of the General San Martín Department in Cordoba Province. It is located on the left bank of the Tercero River in Central Argentina, 550 km north-west of Buenos Aires and 150 km southeast of the provincial capital city of Cordoba. The city was founded on September 27, 1867, today it is home to about 72,100 people. Villa Maria City together with the neighboring town of Villa Nueva forms Greater Villa Maria with a population of about 190 thousand people. Villa Maria City is the third largest city in Cordoba Province, it is the center of a rich agricultural region and is leads milk production in the country. Near Villa Maria passes National Route 9 connected Buenos Aires and Cordoba, it is one of the most important highways in the country. Through the webcam, one can see Plazoleta de Las Naciones square with a fountain is located in the city center of Villa Maria on the circular intersection of AV. Libertador Gral. San Martín and AV. Dante Alighieri. The Puente Juan Domingo Peron Bridge across the Tercero River also is visible. It is connecting Villa Maria and Villa Nova.